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Published by: Kevin Brown 14-Apr-17
Our World
Kevins Crypto

The world as we know it is already under a extreme change.

You may not notice, because we, as people, are about our own lives, and daily tasks.


If you haven't heard about "crypto currency", then you might want to take notice.


Crypto currency is on the rise, and some are taking notice,...particularly, the younger generations.


Well,..."Star Trek" is about obsolete,...and "Star Wars" is not far behind.


Now,...You can have a little bank in your pocket!,...That's right,...not a bank account,...but a litteral bank account in your pocket...


Most people carry a "cell phone",...and most people know how to load aps on thier phone,...hence,...an app of a particular digital wallet,...and "block chain" technology is already changing our world...

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